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    the journal merz | medien + erziehung (media + education).
    merz is a forum through which an interdisciplinary approach to all aspects of media education in research and practice can be created, shared, argumented and discussed. Furthermore merz provides readers with the widest possible coverage of developments in media politics and media culture.
    Published bi-monthly, each edition of merz offers a special section focused around a specific topic amongst other topics of interest, interviews, reviews on books, media productions and events as well as information on forthcoming events such as conferences and symposia, workshops and seminars, contests, film festivals and exhibitions.
    The main goal of the journal is to contribute to the advancement of media education in research and practice – and you are welcome to join in:
    Send in articles and reviews (including important developments, conferences and symposia…) that are of interest and value. Original and balanced papers informed by theory, practice or empirical research are welcome as well as suggestions.

    All manuscripts, materials, suggestions and inquiries should be sent to:

    merz | medien + erziehung
    Swenja Wütscher
    Arnulfstr. 205
    D – 80634 Munich
    Fon +49 89 689 89 120
    Fax +49 89 689 89 111

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